AHASTI's in-class training is in compliance with Alberta Health Regulations - June 2020

- Decreased class sizes to ensure Social Distancing is achieved.
- Added additional cleaning products in all locations
- Instructed our staff to refrain from person to person contact for courses with the exception of advanced courses. Masks will be provided for the skills that require close proximity
- Increased cleaning efforts in our facilities and equipment (mats, manikins, etc.)
- Providing all participants electronic copies of the course material and ask all participants to save onto their own devices and bring to class.

Our courses are very hands-on skills to learn. Courses will be conducted while maintaining social distancing requirements as students will have separate equipment during the course. In the event an item might be shared - for example an EPI pen trainer, proper sanitization will be completed between students as well as social distancing. For the advanced level training, close proximity skills will have protective equipment used and supplied when needed. Person to person contact is not done at this time.

Wearing a mask and gloves is optional - As Alberta Health Authority recommends wearing a mask for situations where social distancing is NOT able to be maintained, AHASTI as indicated above has organized classes to meet social distancing requirements. Gloves are also no necessary in public if proper hand hygiene is being done. If participants wish to wear a mask and/or gloves, we ask that you bring more than one, as the removal of the mask is still required for the ventilation skills and to demonstrate proper donning and doffing (putting on and taking off) gloves as part of the program. We do have hand sanitization stations is all classrooms as well as hand washing facilities. The equipment will be cleaned and disinfected for your use only during your program.
Mask and Glove recommendations : Alberta.ca website: https://www.alberta.ca/masks.aspx

We will continue to monitor this situation and will provide more updates as necessary in the coming days.

In the event of a closure, all our students will be contacted via email/phone and a credit will be placed on your account for a future course. This credit will not expire. Otherwise, cancellation and refund policy will remain in effect.

We ask any participant to contact our office BEFORE coming to class if they have a fever or respiratory symptoms; they have recently travelled to a country with a travel advisory due to COVID-19; or if they have been in contact with a person who has travelled to a country with a travel advisory. In this case, AHASTI will happily reschedule your program. Phone 403-670-5406 (please leave a detailed message if we miss you) or email customerservice@safetyed.ca. If we have not heard from you, we assume you will be joining your program as scheduled and that if you don't arrive a full forfeit of course fees will apply.

hdgAlberta Health and Safety Training Institute

Red Cross Teach Experience Supervisors

Job Description: AHASTI is looking to hire current Red Cross Teach Experience Supervisors for both Calgary and Red Deer. A TE will be a qualified Red Cross First Aid Instructor who is willing to share their knowledge and experience with a new Instructor Candidate.

Job Pay: $23.00/hr for the TE class and communication with the TE Candidate only. Courses taught without a TE will be at $20.00hr.

Contact faprograms@safetyed.ca

hdgAlberta Health and Safety Training Institute

Casual Instructor

Job Description: Reporting to the First Aid Program Coordinators, the incumbent is responsible for delivering programs in associate with the incumbents instructor certification. Eg: Red Cross or Heart & Stroke Foundation BLSI courses. A casual employee is someone who does not have regular or systematic hours of work or an expectation of continuing work. This casual position will have a minimum shift commitment of 2 shifts per month. Shifts will not be pre-assigned and it is the responsibility of the incumbent to pick up the minimum shift requirement. Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as needed is required, as well as the ability to work from varying locations within Calgary, Red Deer and the surrounding areas for offsite bookings.

Job Pay: $20/hr

Contact email only: faprograms@safetyed.ca


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