Red Cross - Advanced Emergency Care Instructor

This program is for current Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructors that would like to teach the First Responder, Advanced First Aid and/or Emergency Medical Responder (where jurisdictions allows)level programs.

Two day class now includes your Skills Assessment!

NOTE*** This is the legacy program for Emergency Care Instructor, a new process will start in the fall of 2017 and will require instructors to purchase new materials and complete an update.


The following items are covered in this Red Cross - Advanced Emergency Care Instructor class:

  • Introducing a Course
  • Specialized Instructional Techniques
  • Organizing the Course
  • Specific Course Content
  • Practice Teaching
  • Skills
  • Scenario
  • Self-Assessment


8 hours


The following are the prerequisite that a student is required to have before being allowed into this course:

  • Must hold a current pupil level certificate in the specialized you wish to become an instructor in.
  • - EMR or Advanced First Aid
  • Proof of a current Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor certification.
  • 19 years of age


The Specialized First Aid Instructor curriculum is used to conduct Emergency Care Instructor Courses. The focus of these courses are instructional techniques required to deliver the Canadian Red Cross Specialized courses; these include delivering scenarios, teaching in varied environments, and organizing specialized courses. The combination of these types of instructor candidates encourages a rich learning environment that is built on instructors skills. It also allows instructors to be able to teach other First Aid Programs with minimal course work.

hdgCertifications Earned

Upon successful completion of this program you will have earned the following tickets:

  • Certification will be valid for three years.

hdgAdditional Information

Precourse assignment will be emailed out prior to the course.
Co-teach requirements will be required to complete after the program.

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