Red Cross - Basic Life Support/Health Care Provider (BLS/HCP) - Recertification

The Red Cross has updated the Health Care Provider CPR program. It is now called the Basic Life Support CPR (BLS). Skills and certification continue to meet ILCOR standards.

All students with a current Health Care Provider CPR certification will be permitted to recertify in the new Basic Life Support program.


The following items are covered in this Red Cross - Basic Life Support/Health Care Provider (BLS/HCP) - Recertification class:

  • Perform a rapid assessment
  • Initiate the emergency response system
  • Perform BLS skills
  • Perform rapid defibrillation


2 hrs


The following are the prerequisite that a student is required to have before being allowed into this course:

  • Proof of recognized BLS Certification or a recognized Health Care Provider CPR
  • As per the Canadian Red Cross - Because many individuals need to maintain a valid first aid certification for workplace occupational health and safety regulation, the Canadian Red Cross has reached out to provincial and territorial regulators to ensure that those individuals can meet this requirement; all Red Cross first aid certifications (which would have expired March through June 30, 2020) will be considered valid 90-days beyond their expiry date.


Recertification : BLS CPR is an important step in the survival of a person who suffers a cardiac arrest incident. This course is designed for those that will work in a team response such as EMS, Fire, Nurses etc.

BLS education helps individuals gain confidence in performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills and provides them with the important steps to work as a team.

hdgCertifications Earned

Upon successful completion of this program you will have earned the following tickets:

  • Red Cross - Basic Life Support valid for 12 months

hdgAdditional Information

This is the new Canadian Red Cross Program that will replace the existing Health Care Provider Program.

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