First Aid Instructor - Option 1: FAI With another agency

Previous First Aid Instructor Experience:

Instructor candidates who qualify for this transfer pathway are entering into the Instructor Development Program with previous experience through another recognized First Aid agency. They will follow the Instructor Development Program however they will not be required to complete Step 3: Discipline Specific Classroom Component.
New 2017 Canadian Red Cross Instructor Development for First Aid/CPR Instructors is a 5 step all inclusive process. This program is designed for individuals who would like to instruct the Canadian Red Cross First Aid and CPR courses. The following is a list of courses, successful candidates would be permitted to instructor:

CPR Level A (Adult Only Skills)
CPR Level C (Adult, Child and Baby Skills)
Emergency First Aid with either of the above CPR Levels
Standard First Aid with either of the above CPR Levels
Emergency Child Care First Aid with CPR Level B (Child and Baby Skills)
Standard Child Care First Aid with CPR Level B (Child and Baby Skills)
Marine Basic Standard First Aid with either CPR Level A or C
Recertification for the above courses.

Once Completed - Each new Red Cross First Aid Instructor will need to chose to become a Red Cross Training Partner or seek employment with a pre-existing Red Cross Training Partner to offer courses. For information on how to become a Training Partner, please go directly to


approx. 40 hrs


The following are the prerequisite that a student is required to have before being allowed into this course:

  • 18 years old
  • Current First Aid Instructor with another recognized First Aid Agency.


Red Cross has set a class minimum of 4 confirmed candidates. All course materials will be provided to candidates at Step 1.

Step 1: Evaluate skills and check prerequisites Classroom: approx 8 hrs
In this stage Instructor candidates work with an Instructor Development Center to confirm that they have a strong understanding of the typical first aid skills needed to be successful as an Instructor and have met the program pre-requisites. It is important that they come prepared to demonstrate the Red Cross first aid skills without coaching.

Step 2: Fundamentals of Instruction. Online: 8 hrs, self paced Classroom: 14.5 hrs
Consists of both an online and a classroom component, where they apply the fundamentals of instruction alongside of an Instructor Trainer. This segment of their development will focus on the role of an Instructor (using a learner centered approach to first aid education) and considers both educational p

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