Recertification Part One: Instructor Hub (Virtual Classroom)

Red Cross Program Instructors - Instructor Hub Recertification for 2020-2023 Recertification. This is delivered 100% in a virtual classroom setting. Red Cross First Aid Program Area Instructors are all welcome in this component. The following disciplines are required to complete once every 3 years.
First Aid & CPR/AED Instructor
BLS Instructor
First Responder Instructor
Advanced First Aid Instructor
Emergency Medical Responder Instructor
Wilderness and Advanced Wilderness Instructor


The following items are covered in this Recertification Part One: Instructor Hub (Virtual Classroom) class:

  • Instructional Hub:
  • Lesson 1: Welcome and Introductions
  • Lesson 2: Educational Technologies
  • Lesson 3: Assessment and Evaluation
  • Check-in/Closing of Hub


4 hrs


The following are the prerequisite that a student is required to have before being allowed into this course:

  • Each participant must have a Computer or Laptop with webcam and mic to join this program.
  • Each participant will download and become familiar with a zoom meeting format prior to the class.
  • Proof of a current Red Cross First Aid & CPR/AED Instructor certification along with supporting rosters submitted to: to confirm your registration. A screen shot of your instructor portal that includes your name as the instructor, the course title, and that it's been submitted is acceptable
  • Option 1: If you are an Alberta based instructor: you will submit 2 approved AB OH&S approved program rosters for each certification year that you personally instructed and submitted was submitted to the Red Cross using the Course Manager system. The AB OH&S Approved course are: (Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid or Standard First Aid)
  • Option 2: All FAI's - The Program Standard indicates that all are to have taught a minimum of three Canadian Red Cross First Aid courses during the three-year period. One of the courses must be Standard First Aid, Standard Child Care First Aid, or Marine Basic First Aid since obtaining the Instructor certification or recertification. This standard will have been met if you are an AB instructor and have the required courses taught in option 1.
  • Option 3: EXPIRED FAI's still within the 1 year grace period: Must meet the requirements above for the province they are wishing to recertify. If you do not meet this requirement, please contact your Red Cross Program Rep at 1-877-356-3226 for options to re-qualify as an instructor which may include attending the Instructor Program again


The Instructor Recertification Program is a custom learning solution, designed to support the ongoing development of all CRC’s First Aid Program Instructor population and increase your confidence as educators. First Aid Program Instructors are: First Aid & CPR/AED Instructors, BLS Instructors, First Responder Instructors, Advanced First Aid Instructors, Emergency Medical Responder Instructors, Wilderness and Advanced Wilderness Instructors

This program consists of self-guided, peer-led and facilitated learning interventions which seek to enrich professional expertise, ensuring that our Instructors maintain or exceed the same levels of competence indicated at the time of your initial certification, and are prepared to guide and support the learning of candidates in your classrooms. Recognizing the population’s diverse learning needs, the components of the program are designed to strengthen your facilitation skills, provide a comprehensive update on first aid education, and enrich your community of practice.

hdgCertifications Earned

Upon successful completion of this program you will have earned the following tickets:

  • This is part one of two for the instructor recertification. All instructors will also be required to complete the Discipline Specific prior to the date of expiry to qualify for a recertification.

hdgAdditional Information

What is required:
Computer or Laptop with webcam and mic to utilize throughout the program via the zoom meeting platform.
An electronic copy of the e-workbook that will be available on your Red Cross Instructor Portal under 'My online books' 2 days prior to the course date.
An environment with minimal distractions.

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