Red Cross Instructor Courses

Once an Instructor Program is completed - Each new Red Cross Instructor will need to chose to seek employment with a pre-existing Red Cross Training Partner to offer courses. For information on how to become your own Red Cross Training Partner, please go directly to as Red Cross is permitted at any time to put a moratorium on the number of new Training Partner applications.

Canadian Red Cross First Aid Instructor Development Program trains and certifies Instructors to organize and deliver First Aid & CPR courses.

The below courses may require Instructor Candidates to complete a Teach Experience - All AHASTI students will complete their Teach Experience at one of our 3 locations (Calgary NE, Calgary SE or Red Deer). If you are an out of town student and attending these Instructional Development Courses with AHASTI, please ensure that you are prepared to return to either Calgary or Red Deer to complete your training. Any additional fees incurred for out of town students attending and returning for Teach Experiences are at the sole cost to the student.

The below courses do require a minimum of 4 students as per Red Cross Program Standards. Attendance in these courses is 100% mandatory without exception. Once a student is confirmed in the course, a transfer or cancellation will only be accepted more than 14 days prior to the course start date. Administration fees will apply.

There are different Instructor Development Programs available:

Youth Leader - Babysitter and Stay Safe Programs
Teaching Experience Supervisor - Working with Instructor Candidates:
Instructor Development - Discipline Specific Instructors
* First Aid Instructor
* First Aid Instructor - Transfer 1 - current First Aid Instructor with another recognize organization
* First Aid Instructor - Transfer 2 - current Red Cross Water Safety Instructors
* BLS Instructor
* Professional Responder Instructor - First Responder, Advanced First Aid and Emergency Medical Responder (jurisdiction permitted)
Instructor Recertifications for all above levels

See below for more information on each.

hdgFirst Aid Instructor Transfer - Option 2: Other teaching credentials

Previous Red Cross Water Safety Instructor or an Educator (elementary or secondary level) Experience:

- View the FAI - Option 2 Trans Course Description
- View the FAI - Option 2 Trans Course Schedule

hdgFirst Aid Instructor Recert

This 2017-2020 Red Cross First Aid Instructor Recertification course is a classroom-based learning experience where Instructors will further their role in providing participants with a meaningful first aid learning experience.

- View the FAIR Course Description
- View the FAIR Course Schedule

hdgRed Cross Basic Life Support Instructor (Current CRC Instructors)

This program is designed for individuals who are ALREADY current Canadian Red Cross instructors and would like to instruct the Canadian Red Cross Basic Life Support courses.

- View the RC_BLSI Course Description
- View the RC_BLSI Course Schedule

hdgProfessional Responder Instructor - Current CRC Instructor

This program is designed for individuals who are ALREADY CRC First Aid Instructors and would like to also instruct the Canadian Red Cross Professional Responder courses.

- View the PRI_Add.inst Course Description
- View the PRI_Add.inst Course Schedule

hdgFirst Responder/Advanced Emergency Care/Emergency Medical Responder Instructor Recertification

Recertification class for Canadian Red Cross First Responder, Advanced Emergency Care Instructors and/or Emergency Medical Responder Instructors.

- View the PRIR Course Description
- View the PRIR Course Schedule

hdgFundamentals of Instruction

This course is the pre-requisite for Candidates wishing to start the instructor Pathway for becoming a Red Cross Psychological First Aid Instructor or individuals that have been directed by the Canadian Red Cross to attend this course. ** this course does not include any skills evaluations, discipline specific or teach experience components required for the Red Cross First Aid Instructor Program.

- View the FOI Course Description
- View the FOI Course Schedule

hdgYouth Leader

Youth Leader Program - is designed for individuals interested in becoming an Instructor for the Red Cross Babysitting and Stay Safe Programs.

- View the RC-YL Course Description
- View the RC-YL Course Schedule

hdgTeaching Experience Supervisor

Teaching Experience Supervisors will support and guide instructor candidates through their teaching experience and will evaluate them using competency-based criteria and feedback guidelines.

- View the TES Course Description
- View the TES Course Schedule

hdgFirst Aid Instructor - Become a New Instructor

This course is for new to instructions wanting to teach the Red Cross First Aid and CPR Programs. Check out this channel for a quick video on this course:

- View the FAI Full Course Description
- View the FAI Full Course Schedule

hdgFirst Aid Instructor - Option 1: FAI With another agency

This program is for First Aid Instructors from another Canadian/AB recognized First Aid Organization. Check out this channel for a quick video on this course:

- View the FAI - Option 1 Trans Course Description
- View the FAI - Option 1 Trans Course Schedule

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