Professional Responder Courses

AHASTI Profession Responder programs prepare First Responders for a career in - on site first aid for workplaces, oil site medics, volunteer fire departments and pre-hospital care fields.

hdgITLS Basic Trauma

Receive hands-on training to assess, resuscitate, stabilize, and transport trauma patients. This course INCLUDES the 8th edition manual!

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hdgITLS Advanced

Designed for providers who are first to evaluate and stabilize the trauma patient.

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hdgAirway Management and Oxygen Administration

Designed for in-facility and health care providers (nursing, care aides, dental industry, medical offices etc.), pre-hospital care groups (fire departments, rescue teams, sports therapists, lifeguards, SCUBA divers, ski patrol, etc.).

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hdgRed Cross - Advanced First Aid Course with BLS CPR

For those primarily designated with the responsibility as an Advanced Workplace First Aid Attendant. In some jurisdictions, this advanced first aid course is approved for pre-hospital medical first responders.

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hdgRed Cross - Advanced First Aid Recert

The Canadian Red Cross Advanced First Aid Recertification is a 40 hr comprehensive review of the original 80 hr course offering advanced first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those typically designated as a workplace first aid attendant. Course will review a variety of topics from basic (circulation and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission) to advanced (sudden medical emergencies and injuries to the head and/or spine), including instruction dedicated to understanding workplace legislation and responsibilities specifically for AB worksites with a supplement of other provinces based on the participants job placement locations. Pre Course and During Course Commitment: Pre-course – All candidates register with enough time to read the course manual (with the exclusion of chapter 11) and complete corresponding workbook activities. The time frame will depend on the students reading and comprehension level. All in-class lessons will focus on reviewing and highlighting topics and practicing skills from the full course. To maximize the in-class sessions, the pre-reading and workbook is required. During Course – the course will consist of lecture and lab practice. Course Expectations: 100% attendance is mandatory, lateness will not be tolerated Respect - for each other, the instructor, the facility, and the equipment Professionalism and integrity will be assessed throughout. Course Completion requirements: 100% attendance Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate the skills Ability to successfully complete the skills checklist Ability to complete a knowledge evaluation with a minimum mark of 80 %, Midterm is a written exam of 50 multiple choice questions and Final is a written exam of 100 multiple choice questions Ability to successfully complete two evaluated scenarios (one each, medical and trauma) Must meet additional legislative requirements, if applicable

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