Stay Safe! Babysitter Course

Stay Safe! is for ages as young as 9 year or completion of Grade 3
Babysitting is for ages as mature as 11 years or completion of Grade 5

hdgRed Cross - Babysitting

Basic first aid and caregiving skills for youth 11–15 years old. Participants learn how to provide care to younger children in a variety of age groups, and how to prevent and respond to emergencies. Course also offers youth the training to promote themselves as a babysitter to prospective parents. Candidates must bring: Peanut free snacks and lunch, small soft doll or teddy bear, indoor shoes, and pen/paper.

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hdgStay Safe!

Offers basic first aid and safety skills for youth 9-13 years old. Participants learn about being safe when they are without the direct supervision of a parent, guardian, or trusted adult, both at home and in their communities. This course is a great introduction to the Babysitting Course that is available for 11 - 14 years of age.

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