As you see from the course descriptions, the content is very similar and both organizations are approved for workplaces. The difference is how the courses are delivered. The Canadian Red Cross courses are instructor lead with a learning centered approached. The Heart and Stroke courses are either Video or Power Point lead with the Instructor facilitation. Both are excellent courses and you will have lots of practice time with skills in both. Pick the one that meets your learning style or the one that your employer or educational institution has specifically requested you to attend.

All our Instructors are front-line professionals who tailor teaching based on participants’ learning styles and training needs. Dynamic teaching techniques: skills demonstrations, practice sessions, scenarios based on real-life situations, discussions, and exercises. Hands-on training using real materials: mannequins for practising CPR, AED trainers, bandages and splinting materials, auto-injector trainers, inhalers, and additional aids.

All courses in the Calgary area are at either:
Calgary North office: Unit 125, 3510 - 29th Street NE
Calgary South Office: Unit 236, 755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE

hdgRed Cross - Basic Life Support CPR (BLS)

Take the new Basic Life Support Program from the Red Cross now. Beat the rush as this program officially replaces the Health Care Provider CPR starting 2019.

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hdgRecertification - Red Cross Basic Life Support (BLS)

This course replaces the Health Care Provider Recertification - the new title is Basic Life Support (BLS).

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- View the RC - BLSR Course Schedule

hdgRed Cross - Basic Life Support with Airway and Oxygen Modules

Basic Life Support is an important step in the survival of a person who suffers a cardiac arrest incident. This course is designed for those that will work in a team response such as EMS, Fire, Nurses, future CRC BLS instructors etc. This course includes the optional modules of Airway Management and Oxygen Therapy.

- View the RC - BLS with A/O Course Description
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hdgHeart and Stroke - Basic Life Support (BLS) Program

Formerly known as BLS for Healthcare Providers - Employers may chose to be specific as to which provider their employees are certified by at this level of training. Please ensure you check with your employer prior to registering.

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hdgRecertification: Heart and Stroke - BLS Renewal

The Basic Life Support (BLS) Renewal course is a fast-paced course that allows the experienced BLS provider (those who are confident in their BLS skills through regular use in their work in the ED, CCU, ICU on code team, or paramedics and first responders) the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge through written and skills assessment in a concentrated program.

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hdgRed Cross - CPR Level C/AED

Learn CPR for Adults, Child and Babies.

- View the RC-CPRC Course Description
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hdgRecertification - CPR Level C/AED

This recertification course is for people who currently hold a valid CPR Level C that is not past the date of expiry. A valid CPR Level C certification card must be provided to the instructor on the day of the course.

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hdgRed Cross - Health Care Provider CPR/AED

Program Name Change Effective - March 2019 to Basic Life Support CPR. Learn CPR for Health Care Providers - Adult, Child, Babies, Pulse Checks, Bag Valve Masks and working in a team environment

- View the RC-HCP Course Description
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hdgRecertification - Health Care Provider CPR/AED

This is a recertification course designed for candidates that have a current CPR-Health Care Provider certification from a first aid training agency.

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