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As you see from the course descriptions, the content is very similar and both organizations are approved for workplaces. The difference is how the courses are delivered. The Canadian Red Cross courses are instructor lead with a learning centered approached. The Heart and Stroke courses are either Video or Power Point lead with the Instructor facilitation. Both are excellent courses and you will have lots of practice time with skills in both. Pick the one that meets your learning style or the one that your employer or educational institution has specifically requested you to attend.

hdgStandard First Aid with CPR Level C/AED - Recertification

This Red Cross recertification course designed for students that have a current Standard First Aid with CPR Level C CPR certification from any Workplace Approved First Aid Provider. Please remember to bring a copy of your CURRENT certification to your program.

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hdgHeart and Stroke - Standard First Aid CPR level C/AED

For the full course schedule please use the 'View All Upcoming Dates' button to the right of the picture at the top of the page. This will give you the schedule for the next 3 months or more! Standard First Aid is a fully workplace accredited* classroom based, instructor led course that teaches the core first aid competencies required by Ministry Workplace Health & Safety Boards across Canada. This 16 hour course covers 17 areas of critical care, including emergency scene management, respiratory and cardiovascular emergencies, child/infant CPR and choking, burns, bleeding and wounds, and bone, joint and muscle injuries learn how to save lives and quickly respond to injuries from the Canadian leader in resuscitation training and science, the Heart and Stroke Foundation

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hdgEmergency First Aid with CPR C/AED

This Red Cross basic one-day (8 hours) is ideal for individuals looking for a basic first aid or to re-certify their Emergency First Adi certification course. The course offers an overview of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for the workplace or home. Includes the latest first aid and CPR guidelines. Meets OHS regulations for Basic First Aid. Exceeds competitors standards by including injury prevention content, CPR and AED skills.

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hdgStandard First Aid with CPR C/AED

This Red Cross comprehensive two-day (16 hrs) course offering first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those who need training for work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home. Course covers a variety of topics from basic (circulation and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission) to in-depth (sudden medical emergencies and injuries to the head and/or spine).

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