Emergency Medical Responder

In order to work in the province of Alberta in the emergency medical services industry, all candidates must be registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics - ACP (www.collegeofparamedics.org).

The Provincial Registration Process:
Upon successful completion of an approved EMR program applicants are eligible to write the Provincial Registration Examination at a scheduled sitting. AHASTI's EMR and Refresher programa are approved programs by ACP. An applicant must successfully complete the Provincial Exam AND attain Registration within one year of completing an approved program or approval from the Registration Committee.

For more information on the Provincial Registration Process, please go to the Alberta College of Paramedics website at http://www.collegeofparamedics.org/registration.php.

hdgAHASTI - Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

The EMR program is designed for individuals entering into the Paramedicine Profession. If you're interests are in becoming an OH&S Officer, workplace first aid attentant or for general interest, check out the 2 week Advanced First Aid option - www.safetyed.ca/info/afa. The AHASTI EMR is a 120 hour in class all inclusive program that prepares future EMS practitioners for the EMS community. It is structured to train students to work as members of the EMS community through lecture and lab practice, with additional study and homework time after each session. Students are expected to have 100% attendance and the expectations of professionalism and integrity will be assessed throughout. Topic areas are first presented by examining the theory related to a particular condition followed by the practical aspect of emergency care. The course outline will detail the order of the presentation topics to allow for advanced reading of topics prior to delivery of lectures. EMR candidates will also complete and receive a Canadian Red Cross Health Care Provider level of CPR certification during the program, as well as complete the Professional Driver Improvement Course through the Alberta Safety Council. The last day of the course will be devoted to a written exam and practical testing. Our goal is to get the student comfortable as an EMS member in the community. Our professional instructor base is made up of experienced Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedic personnel who are highly dedicated to their students. Fees: $1400 Tuition $250 Books and Materials Course Expectations: 100% attendance is mandatory, lateness will not be tolerated Respect - for each other, the instructor, the facility, and the equipment Professionalism - you are expected to demonstrate

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