Emergency Medical Responder

In order to work in the province of Alberta in the emergency medical services industry, all candidates must be registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics - ACP (www.collegeofparamedics.org).

The Provincial Registration Process:
Upon successful completion of an approved EMR program applicants are eligible to write the Provincial Registration Examination at a scheduled sitting. AHASTI's EMR and Refresher programa are approved programs by ACP. An applicant must successfully complete the Provincial Exam AND attain Registration within one year of completing an approved program or approval from the Registration Committee.

For more information on the Provincial Registration Process, please go to the Alberta College of Paramedics website at http://www.collegeofparamedics.org/registration.php.

hdgAHASTI - EMR Exam Clinical Review

This session is for AHASTI EMR graduates to return and practice through stations of scenarios and skills.

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hdgAHASTI - EMR Exam Knowledge Review

This session is exclusively for AHASTI EMR graduates to knowledge components prior to writing their Provincial Exam.

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hdgEmergency Medical Responder (EMR) 2019

Don't miss our EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION! Confirm your registration 2 months before the start date to receive $200 off your tuition or 1 month before the start date for $100 off your tuition! The Emergency Medical Responder programs in Alberta have changed! The Program Standards set by Alberta College of Paramedics took effect January 1, 2019. Any program that starts on or after this date must adhere to these new standards. AHASTI has updated our program to meet these requirements. Some exciting changes to our program include: - increase in overall length to 240 hours. - new entrance requirements. - addition of 40 hour driving program including simulation and in-vehicle drive time. - addition of the ITLS Basic program. - addition of Patient Engagement, this is some basic clinical time practicing some skills on sick and/or not sick adults. WHY AHASTI EMR??? Complete the full program in as little as 8 weeks Mostly in-class instruction, lots of hands and practice time Flexible scheduling options High ACP exam success rate Our fees include texts and other equipment, one of the lowest priced programs in Alberta! Check out AHASTI's new Medical First Responder and Advanced First Aid programs as well - found under the Professional Responder Programs.

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hdgAHASTI - EMR Refresher

A refresher course for those who have already successfully completed an ACP-approved EMR course. Please note the course fee for this program is $1150.00. This fee includes mandatory books and resources. Pre-requisites will be requested of candidates upon registration.

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