Advanced First Aid Courses

Red Cross First Aid has both individual courses and programs.
All Canadian Red Cross courses:
* Teach participants how to prevent injuries and make healthy lifestyle choices
* Include a component on the emergency medical services (EMS) system
* Have a recommended minimum time frame that lets you effectively teach the course content based on the number of participants, the amount of equipment, and the previous training of the participants
* All CPR/AED and first aid components of Canadian Red Cross courses are taught in accordance with ILCOR and the national training agencies.

If you are uncertain as to which course to take, please contact our Customer Service Associates as they'd be happy to assist you.

hdgRed Cross - Advanced First Aid Course

This advanced workplace approved program is perfect for those wanting to be an OHS officer or first aiders at factories/construction/job sites or just general interest. The Canadian Red Cross Advanced First Aid is a comprehensive course offering advanced first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those typically designated as a workplace first aid attendant. Course covers a variety of topics from basic (circulation and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission) to advanced (sudden medical emergencies and injuries to the head and/or spine), including instruction dedicated to understanding workplace legislation and responsibilities specifically for AB worksites with a supplement of other provinces based on the participants job placement locations. Pre Course and During Course Commitment: Pre-course – recommended that all candidates register with enough time to read the course manual (with the exclusion of chapter 11) and complete corresponding workbook activities. At minimum, reading of chapters and corresponding workbook activities up to and including the Secondary Survey is requested. If these items are not complete prior to the course, it will be the candidate’s responsibility to complete during the course in addition to completing the homework assignments in preparation for the next day’s lessons. During Course – the course will consist of lecture and lab practice, with additional study and homework time after each in class session. The homework will consist of completing the reading and corresponding workbook activities in preparation for the next day’s lessons. If the candidate completed all the reading and workbook activities prior to the course start date, then the student is asked to just refresh the information for the next day. Each homework timeframe will depend on the students reading and comprehension level, however it is recommended that the student set aside 2 – 4hrs of preparation (if not completed prior to the course start date). Course Expectations: 100% attendance is mandatory, lateness will not be tolerated Respect - for each other, the instructor, the facility, and the equipment Professionalism and integrity will be assessed throughout. Course Completion requirements: 100% attendance Ability to comprehend and successfully demonstrate the skills Ability to successfully complete the skills checklist Ability to complete a knowledge evaluation with a minimum mark of 80 %, Midterm is a written exam of 50 multiple choice questions and Final is a written exam of 100 multiple choice questions Ability to successfully complete two evaluated scenarios (one each, medical and trauma) Must meet additional legislative requirements, if applicable Red Cross Electronic Certifications notice: The Canadian Red Cross has moved to electronic certifications as of Oct 2, 2017 for its First Aid and CPR programs. First Aid and CPR participants will have access to electronic manuals as well as being provided in class manuals. The Canadian Red Cross is the “certifying body” that issues the certifications. This change will also maintain the integrity of the certifications, and make it easier for participants to maintain a record of all the training that they do with the Red Cross as well as provide employers the ability to “verify certifications” of all participants completing a Red Cross First Aid and CPR Program after Oct 2, 2017 using the participants last name and unique certification identifier. AHASTI will require a unique email address upon registration or at the time of the course for each student in these programs to ensure that the certifications and course manuals are available and accessible to each student. Employers will not have access to these certifications. Employees will be required to forward a copy to employers upon request. As certifications will not be issued at the time of completion, AHASTI will strive to have all issued within 72 hrs of completion of the training. AHASTI will only be issuing temporary certifications to candidates that require a document within that time period.

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