T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Tax Forms Update!

T2202 Tuition and Enrolment Tax Forms are due out via email to all qualifying EMR students by the end of Feb 2020. All of these students have been contacted via email requesting additional information required by the CRA for the completion of these forms. If you have not received this email - please email customerservice@safetyed.ca asking for more information.

Various safety training courses available: CPR, First Aid, H2S, AFA, MFR, EMR and more!


* Trusted Canadian Red Cross Provider for over 20 years.
* Trusted educator of Pre-Hospital programs for over 15 years.
* We believe in quality safety training and therefore all our instructors will ensure that courses are delivered in accordance with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety course requirements including time frames as well as our program partners standards.
* All our certification courses are GST free!
* Professional classroom settings in conveniently located locations in the Calgary NE, Calgary SE and Red Deer with courses running seven days a week (closed on all stat holidays)
* Mobile First Aid courses are available upon request.
* Parking is available at no charge at all 3 locations!
* Only offer Alberta and Canadian approved workplace programs. For example: Canadian Red Cross and Heart & Stroke Foundation First Aid and CPR Programs.
* Are a Canadian Red Cross Instructional Development Centre for both First Aid and CPR as well as Professional Responder level programs.

One of our Customer Service Associates would be happy to assist you. Some employers or educational institutions may have already told you what level of course to attend, if you can't find it on our website, please call or email our office. 403-670-5406 or customerservice@safetyed.ca

hdgCalgary: CPR/BLS/HCP levels

CPR Level C, Basic Life Support, Health Care Provider (HCP). Courses in this category are in partnership with either the Canadian Red Cross or Heart & Stroke Foundation.

- View the Calgary: CPR/BLS/HCP levels List

hdgCalgary: First Aid/CPR/BLS/AED

In-class First Aid Courses that include CPR: Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid All courses include CPR and AED training. The level of CPR is indicated by either: Level C - Adult, Child and Baby skills for single rescuers BLS or Health Care Provider CPR - is for Health Care Professionals.

- View the Calgary: First Aid/CPR/BLS/AED List

hdgRed Deer - CPR/BLS/HCP levels

Courses offered: Red Cross CPR Level C or HCP, Heart and Stroke BLS Program (formerly Health Care Provider CPR)

- View the Red Deer - CPR/BLS/HCP levels List

hdgRed Deer First Aid CPR,BLS,HCP

Courses offered: Red Cross CPR Level C, Health Care Provider (HCP) or Basic Life Support (BLS), Heart and Stroke BLS Provider formerly (Health Care Provider CPR), Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid

- View the Red Deer First Aid CPR,BLS,HCP List

hdgBC Workers First Aid with CPR

These Standard First Aid with CPR C include the workplace Emergency First Aid with CPR level A ticket which is equivalent to Occupational First Aid level 1 and is required for for people wishing to work in BC however reside in AB.

- View the BC Workers First Aid with CPR List

hdgFirst Aid for Childcare Worker

Schedule for Calgary and Red Deer Locations: Standard Child Care First Aid with CPR level B and Recertification

- View the First Aid for Childcare Worker List

hdgDriver Education

Safe Driving! AHASTI is now offering in- class safe driving programs from the Alberta Safety Council! Keep your employees and your vehicles safe by giving them the tools to make safe choices while driving in both personal and commercial venhicles.

- View the Driver Education List

hdgHeart & Stroke Instructor

Thinking about becoming an instructor? We offer a variety of instructor programs at various times and locations. Check out what's coming up...

- View the Heart & Stroke Instructor List

hdgRed Cross Instructor Courses

Red Cross Program Instructors for: Babysitting Course, Stay Safe Course, First Aid Instructor, First Aid Instructor Recert, Basic Life Support Instructor, First Responder Instructor etc.

- View the Red Cross Instructor Courses List

hdgRegistration Policy

Registration Policy - Please ready completely prior to registering for you AHASTI courses. Changes to registrations will be accepted via email or via phone 403-670-5406 - please leave a message if our Customer Service Desk is unavailable or after hours.

- View the Registration Policy List

hdgPromotions and Sales

AHASTI strives to offer the courses and products that will meet our clients and companys needs. This commitment has provided the following courses or products either being offered as a limited time offer or at a discounted rate.

- View the Promotions and Sales List

hdgMental Health Courses

Psychological First Aid - Self-Care (online), Psychological First Aid - Caring for Others (online), and Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a classroom-based course.

- View the Mental Health Courses List

hdgH2S Alive/Common Safety Orient

H2S Alive and Common Safety Orientation - Energy Safety Canada

- View the H2S Alive/Common Safety Orient List

hdgOnline Safety Courses

WHMIS, TDG, PST, Blood Pathogen, Medical Terminology, Fire Safety, Lock Out/Tag Out

- View the Online Safety Courses List

hdgProfessional Responder Courses

Calgary and Red Deer Course Schedules for: Advanced First Aid, Therapy, Airway Management, Medical First Responder, International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) Basic and Advanced, Emergency Medical Responder, Renewal or Refresher course available for all levels in this category.

- View the Professional Responder Courses List

hdgEmergency Medical Responder

ACP Approved - Emergency Medical Responder, and EMR Refresher

- View the Emergency Medical Responder List

hdgBabysitter and Children Safety

Stay Safe, Babysitting

- View the Babysitter and Children Safety List

hdgOnline/In Class First Aid/CPR

Calgary and Red Deer Schedule: Learn the knowledge for CPR and First Aid courses online, then come to us to go over the skills: CPR Level C/AED, Emergency First Aid with CPR C/AED, Standard First Aid with CPR C/AED

- View the Online/In Class First Aid/CPR List

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